Ever After

The hubby and I had the simplest wedding bands when we tied the knot. That's all we could afford to buy when we got married few years ago. I just realized we didn't even had our name and date of marriage engraved on it. I think we were just so happy and contented when we said our marital vows that we did not stressed ourselves with the minutest details that other obsessive-compulsive couples may deal with utmost importance.

Looking back, we are still happy with what we have but we also dream of acquiring the best of wedding rings when we celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. Perhaps, we can have something with diamonds. We would love to renew our marital vows in a church or beach wedding and gather all our immediate families and closest friends to witness our celebration of love, life and laughter. We plan to live happily ever after till we grow old and grey.

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  1. we both lost our wedding bands to the sea from surfing :( then, when khai's mom knew we lost the rings she gave us for wedding, she gave us another pair again, and then, we lost it again in the sea, the surf is just too strong. and we always lose it at the same time we could not blame each other. now, we are contented of not getting any, while we still enjoy the sea. maybe, when we no longer get into the water and enjoy the waves, we could also get the best of wedding rings.