4 Types of Clothing To Choose From

One of the most effective and fun ways to express your own identity is through clothing. What we choose to wear says a lot about the choices we make in life. Perhaps your clothes scream bold slogans and innovative design ideas, or maybe they convey your life’s passions through intricate patterns and subtle shades.

Unique clothing

Many high street retailers and high end designers use clothing such as T-shirts as key fashion pieces for those who want to reflect their individuality. These designs might feature confrontational or humorous statements, recognisable branding or even eye-catching images. Designers typically use daring mixes of prints and patterns as well as unconventional colour combinations to create personalised clothing. It is also possible to buy vintage or customised pieces that can convey your personal beliefs or express your individual fashion tastes. These might incorporate different materials with unusual cuts and tailoring.

Printed clothing

Some craft-designers, online stores as well as high street retailers screen print T-shirts with designs or patterns. However, there’s nothing more unique than coming up with your own designs. Consider using your own photographs or artistic skills to create a new piece of personalised clothing. Many specialist retailers take custom orders and print these onto your item of choice. Printed clothing is an easy way to showcase your own original ideas, whether you decide to go to a printer, invest in the equipment, or create your own designs using fabric paints and dyes.

Embroidered clothing

Embellishments are another way to create a unique style. Some embroidered clothing already comes with intricate detailing, such as sequins and elaborate stitched patterns. If you’re skilled with a needle and thread, you could create your own designs from scratch or add some embroidered detail to a pre-printed T-shirt with metallic thread. Embellishments such as buttons, bows, lace and ribbon can be added to all items of clothing, from shirt or jacket cuffs to trousers and skirts. Adding a few colourful stitches to hemlines or pockets will make ordinary pieces extraordinary.

Customised clothing

You can also create your own personalised clothing with a pair of scissors and some imagination. Why not scour your wardrobe to find items you no longer wear but that feature interesting designs or prints you don’t want to throw away. Oversized T-shirts can even be cut down to size to create crop or vest tops or even styled into long T-shirt dresses. Cutting the hemlines off these items is a great way to get a rough-edge, boho chic look. T-shirts that are too small but which feature a design you don’t want to throw away can also be customised. Cut out the design and stitch it onto a new top or add it to a blank canvas bag to take on your next shopping trip.

From printed clothing to embroidered clothing, fashion is a great way to express your unique identity. Whether you customise it yourself or browse the best boutiques for those one-off pieces, it’s easy and fun to create your own look through personalised clothing.

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