Finding Adequate Senior Companion Services

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Finding the right companion for a senior can be challenging.  However, if you make a checklist of what the senior truly needs, then the journey to senior companion services could actually be easier that you think.  Here are a few things to consider prior to searching for the right senior companion.

Background of the Individual or Company
It is important to consider the employment background of the company or individual that you plan to consider for senior companion services.  Ask yourself the following questions.  What is the level of patience, trustworthiness and dependability?  Is the person or company honest, kind, tactful and empathetic?  Do they have the ability to multitask, and solve problems?  Does the individual or agency have liability insurance and are they properly certified?  And finally, are they equipped to monitor physical and mental functions as well as administer medications and perform medical services?  All of the aforementioned are vital questions to pose and consider when you are seeking to hire a senior companion service company and/or individual.  Asking such questions first will alleviate any unnecessary surprises in the long run, and it will ensure that you are adequately prepared for what a potential company or individual can or cannot offer in terms of service.

Associated Fees
The fees associated with senior companionship depend on several factors.  For example, you might consider the skillset of the companion (i.e. would you like for them to be a RN or a LPN?); additionally, you should consider the daily tasks associated with the work to be performed by the companion.  A major factor is whether or not the companion is hired as an individual or as part of an agency.  Finally, the cost for this type of service could vary depending on the state in which you reside.  These are all important factors to take into consideration when it comes to estimating the fee for service.  A good range to keep in mind is an hourly rate between $19 to $30.

Interview Tactics
It’s important to have a plan or strategy when making many important decisions.  This notion is also true with interviewing potential senior companion services as well.  It is important to have a clear idea of the questions that you need answers to prior to scheduling the interview.  One of the standard and most important questions to address is why the applicant would want the position.  Believe it or not, volumes of vital information can be ascertained from this question alone.  Another crucial question is the comfort level that the individual has with lifting an elder and handling bathroom issues or other bodily needs of the elder.  The final interview request should be for a list of references.

Finding solid senior companion services can be a challenge, however taking the time out to gain adequate knowledge and understanding your needs versus your expectations can make the hiring process easier.  Ensuring an open flow of communication between you and the applicant will make the interview and hiring process easier to navigate.

This post is written for Capital City Nurses.

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