4 Fitness Activities for the Whole Family

We are frequently told children are becoming increasingly less active causing an array of health and social issues including obesity, diabetes and bullying. The benefit of involving your entire family in exercise and fitness is a complete no-brainer.

Getting the whole family involved not only results in that all-important bonding time, but your children will learn many essential values that they can apply now all the way up to later life. Teamwork as well as being a good loser (and winner!) have been two factors often associated with the pros of family exercising but keeping the whole gang fit and healthy aids social awareness as well as drumming in the idea of good hard work too.

So what are the best ways to get the children involved?


The Olympic Games and its legacy has been strongly debated since 2012 but the passion it has brought the UK in terms of cycling has had nothing but a positive effect. It is a well-known fact that cycling is one of the best forms of exercise, and it’s one of the UK’s favourite! Research has shown that those who cycle regularly live a longer and healthier life. An estimated 3.1 million Brits considering cycling as their prominent mode of transport making it the third most popular recreational activity in Britain and what’s more, our cycle network is arguably the best in the world.

With plenty of safe tracks across the British countryside, cycling is an exciting way to get the whole family involved in exercise whilst saving the pennies too.


Team Sports

The advantages of team sports are high to say the least. With the array of rules team sports put in place, this shows your child boundaries that can be applied across all walks of life. Of course, improved fitness is an important factor but your family becoming passionate about a sport means there is a common ground and a chance to bond closely, especially if you all have hectic lifestyles. It’s important to never apply pressure, but to encourage, giving them the facilities to improve and develop.


Obstacle Course

With state-of-the-art obstacle courses popping up around the country, this is the perfect way to get stuck in! You can book yourselves on a professionally made course, or to take one step further, why not invent your own! Organising a simple camping trip with the family is an easy way to keep everyone fit and healthy whilst soaking in the great outdoors. Transform your surroundings into a playground to explore...



Whilst the three above rely on the unpredictable British weather being a tad more predictable, dance in all forms can be a fantastic way of getting your family involved and keeping fit. With so many styles out there, you are bound to find some common ground. Or why not mix it up from one week to the next with different classes to suit everyone. Dance is not only a heap of fun but it aids in coordination, increase fitness and has that all-important sociable aspect making it the perfect family activity. If you're looking for appropriate dance clothing, check out www.movedancewear.com.

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