Fruit Art

Last Children's Day, I received food shape cutters from my boy's paediatrician as a gift. It's actually a freebie from Pediasure. It came with food art samples and I copied one of the samples (fruit art) since I happen to have all the fruits needed to create one.

Tree trunk - banana
Tree leaves - kiwi
Dinosaur - watermelon
Heart - watermelon
Decoration - grapes and cranberries

Not bad eh? But my plating still has a lot of room for improvement. Hehehe. The dinosaurs are soooo cute, I had a hard time taking photograph of my finished "work of art" because my kids keep attempting to pick and eat them. :D


  1. Adorable! I would have the same problem. You are so creative. I love it!!

  2. oh oh, so cute, and so lovely, wonder if i could eat it :) hehe, i actually wonder more if i could make something like that since i would be like K and G, I would eat the fruits first :)