Granny Love

If there is one person I am grateful for bringing up my husband who turned out to be a great family man, it's my mother-in-law. My girl baptised her as Loly (instead of lola which means granny) Sweet when she was two years old and the little boy followed suit. Loly Sweet fits her perfectly as she is the sweetest granny in the world.

She loves her grandchildren so much. She looks forward to skyping with them every weekend. If only she could travel alone, we want her to visit us frequently. The problem is, my MIL needs a companion all the time to guide her in walking and carry her things. We have to wait for my sister-in-law to take leave from work before we could book them a flight to Singapore.

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  1. Precious photo! Since I call Mond Mondabest, that's lolabest :) ♥ I wish she will be with all of you soon.