Happiness in a Box

Would you agree with me if I say that sometimes, happiness comes in a box? Yesterday, the hubby surprised me with a beautifully cased cake in a hot pink Canele box. Isn't the box so lovely? I felt like it's calling out my name and say, "Come on! Open me already, I have a surprise waiting for you inside!". Haha!

True enough, the pretty box contains my favourite cake in the world! Cheesecake!!! And it's from Canele.
The cake is sooooo good, it is indeed happiness in a box. It reminds me of my ex-colleague who collects pretty boxes. Steel box remains her favourite.  She said she uses it to keep her prized collections and other "happiness".


  1. My mom used to make the best cheese cake. Did you ever watch Golden Girls where the all sit down and console themselves with cheese cake.

  2. ahhh, cheesecake! indeed, it shouts happiness in the box!

  3. I wanna see the cheesecake!! ♥