Happy Children's Day!

We are celebrating Children's Day here in Singapore today. Since the hubby and I couldn't take leave from work, we celebrated in advance last Saturday. It threatened to rain on that day so we decided to bring the kids at Changi City Point so that in case the rain decided to pour, we can always take refuge inside the mall.

The kids' first stop was The3House. It is similar to Tampines 1's water playground but it's a lot more spacious. My kids had fun-tastic time playing in the water. The little rabbit cried so loud when it's time for us to go to our next stop. Good thing there were coin operated cars nearby, he only stopped crying upon riding on it. We did not put any coin though as we intended to bring them to ride the animals from the Kawaii Fun Ride.

Kawaii Fun Ride is located right at the facade of the mall. Since we are celebrating Children's Day, we let the kids ride again and again and again. Each ride costs only $2 and the happiness written all over their faces was priceless.

After the Kawaii fun ride, the kids did some colouring and played tambourine inside the mall. There was an ongoing activity where the kids were given an area to do some art and play some musical instruments.

We had lunch at Ajisen Ramen after that. The little rabbit surprisingly devoured the seafood ramen while the big rabbit enjoyed her chicken teriyaki ramen. They also shared the chocolate pudding that we ordered for dessert. It was very satisfying seeing the kids eat happily.

After lunch, we stayed for a while at The Oasis. This is the kids' favourite spot in the mall premises. They love watching the colourful fishes swim in the pond. We never fail to drop by here whenever we visit Changi City Point. We stayed a bit longer last Saturday because the kids couldn't get enough of the fishes.

We celebrated Children's Day in the simplest way but the kids loved every second of it. As parents, what matters to us most is that our kids live a happy, healthy and blessed life.

Here's wishing a Happy Children's Day to all the kids in the world! Virtual hugs and kisses from me and my babies. Remember always, GOD LOVES YOU!


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