Healthy and Easy to Prepare Wrap Recipe

In my pursuit of helping the hubby eat clean and eventually lose weight, I have been playing the good wifey role. I started making him:

and yesterday, I made him this tuna wrap.

I used Gardenia wholemeal wrap, heat it in a pan for about 40 seconds then I added the toppings which include Iceberg lettuce, tomato and tuna. I totally forgot to add white onion but the hubby did not complain and requested me to make another one for him this morning.

When I posted the above photo on Instagram, a friend asked "did you make that yourself?" to which I proudly replied "yes!". :D


  1. looks so yummy Che!! and with a healthy bonus!!

  2. I sometimes make lettuce wrap but never tried using tortilla yet. I love the baja chalupa in taco bell though.

  3. I love wraps.I experiment with different things I have in the cupboard. :) That tuna wrap looks great.

  4. Yum, so delicious! My sister makes this sometimes. She makes the tortilla wrap herself. She is so patient kneading the dough. Me? My only role is to eat the finished product. :)

    I'm sure your hubby loves this! Glad to know there's Gardenia wrap. I'll tell my sister.

  5. Was the tuna straight from the can or did you make your own tuna spread? I think this is something my husband would enjoy eating too.