Help a 3 Months Old Baby Get a New Liver

Everyone, please meet baby angel Chloe. She is a niece of my BFF's friend. Like my twinzy, I can't help but shed tears while typing this. I can't imagine my own children going through the same suffering and I can't imagine the pain and agony Chloe's parents and love ones are going through. The sight, thought, and picture of sick kids never fail to break my heart into pieces. I humbly ask you to support baby Chloe financially.

Let me share my BFF's friend's message posted at FundRazr:

Hello fellows! I have posted in my Facebook page before about my niece, Chloe, who needs a liver transplant. She is diagnosed with Biliary Atresia since birth; she's 3 months old now. She is a strong girl at a very young age, tries to feed and get ready for her next surgery. So far, we had raised 18,000 Philippine Pesos (PhP). Thanks to all who gave their support. I admit it's still a long way to the 4,000,000 PhP goal (equivalent to $100,000).
With the advice of a co-worker, I set-up an easier way to donate thru FundRazr linked to my Paypal & Facebook accounts. Just go to, search for Chloe liver, click on her picture, and there you'll see the GIVE button. There is no fee. I thought if 100,000 of the billions of FB users can donate a dollar thru this link, Chloe will have her liver soon. 

Visit Chloe's page at FundRazr here. Click GIVE, donate and God will do the rest. May your beautiful and generous hearts be blessed hundredfold. Please don't forget to say a little prayer for Chloe too. Watch this video I posted last month and be moved. "GIVING IS THE BEST COMMUNICATION" indeed.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this twinzy, God bless your good heart always!♥

  2. Thank you Cherry for such a beautiful heart and soul. May you continue to touch other people's lives through your writings. God bless your family.