Lipoma: Treat It or Leave It?

Have you ever noticed the growing lump on my left arm? It was actually a lipoma according to a hand specialist. Lipoma, according to wikipedia, is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue (body fat). It is soft, movable and generally painless though it causes me discomfort when I sleep sideways.

I am not really bothered about it but the hubby is. He is worried about the possibility of malignant transformation. We are now considering of getting it removed by simple excision under local anaesthesia. Care to share your thoughts?



  1. i am not very sure about lipoma Che, but sounds very similar with my fibrocystic breast ( yes, I have lots of breast lumps, but benign and non-pathogenic) and also, I have a big lump in my kidney, born with it thus I could not hold urine really as much or as long as most people. there was a time when two of my breast cysts went growing, really huge, and painful, doctor explained because it may be from my hormonal changes and also i gained weight, he advised me to control my weight, and see him in a month or two. ( they usually do not recommend here surgery right away or taking medicines when not really threatening) he said if pain continues to bother me in for a month or two, i may consider it removed despite it is non-pathogenic and benign, just because the pain my interfere with my cardiovascular functions. but anyway, in less than 2 weeks, the lump collapsed, because I was able to manage my weight so fast, I just stopped going to Filipino restaurants ( I am so guilty of eating a lot of Filipino unhealthy foods )