Make a Difference in Your Ordinary Life: Be a Blessing to a Stranger

I shared about baby Chloe here in my blog, twitter and instagram last Friday. My NOT being very influential mommy blogger didn't stop me from making a difference. I tagged some influential mommy bloggers in my tweet and instagram post and I am so thankful and elated to have two of the most influential mommy bloggers (one in Singapore and one in the Philippines) who shared my plea.

Ai Sakura is the winner of Best Family Blog during the recently concluded Singapore Blog Awards. Ai is very down to earth and approachable, when I followed her in twitter and instagram, she immediately followed me back. Thank you so much, Ai for the tweet. It means a lot. Baby Chloe is actually my bestfriend's friend's niece but it doesn't really matter who she is. What matters is she gets the financial help for her liver transplant.

Mommy Frances is one of the most influential family and lifestyle blogger in the Philippines. In fact, it is through her blog Topaz Mommy that I got to know about Mom Bloggers for Social Good. Thanks a lot, Frances. I appreciate you taking time to read my post and tweet about baby Chloe.

To all the other bloggers and social good moms out there, it doesn't take much effort to make a difference. Please share about baby Chloe and donate now.



  1. Thank you so much for helping me spread the word twinzy!?

  2. probably this is what I need, tag friends, I simply shared the link in my Facebook ( I am always shy to ask others openly to help out ) hoping to get donors from my long list of friends in Facebook, but really hoping and praying for more donors for Chloe.