Nature Therapy at Singapore Botanic Gardens

I was feeling stressed for the past two days because my girl contracted throat infection and it's her exam week. I took afternoon off from work and rushed back home last Monday to bring her to our family physician but she remained feverish. My lack of sleep made feel like a zombie when I reported to work the next day. I initially planned to finish some writing tasks and insert personal posts at lunchtime like I usually do but I decided to treat myself for a much needed nature therapy instead.

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put into order." ~ John Borroughs

I walked to the Botanical Gardens which is just a stone throw away from my workplace and found this perfect spot at Swan Lake. I sat on a wooden bench for about half an hour and filled myself with nature love. Whilst trying to drink in nature's abundant gifts around me, a fish jumped out of the lake water to my delight. I wanted to stay longer and soak myself in the serenity of the place but a tourist couple came and seem to be very interested in my spot. I willingly gave up the wooden bench so that they can have it.

Here's sharing with you nature's love! Enjoy the instavideos I took on my way back. I showed it to my girl afterwhich she commented, "Wow, mommy! I love your videos! It's an awesome nature documentary. You are a great nature journalist!"

Thank God for the gifts of nature!


  1. oh so cute, not into video before, but now, starting to like it , and i so love your videos che

  2. And thank you God for nature lover friends!