New Wristband Advertises Your Relationship Status

For the single man or woman in this day and age, there are many ways to go about finding a partner. Potential mates can be found in bars, clubs, coffee shops, libraries, and just about anywhere else. One can learn a lot about someone else by how they talk and carry themselves in public, but one factor is hidden until you ask: relationship status. Choosing to approach someone is always a gamble, as they may not be single like you assumed. The company MY Single World is trying to remedy this problem, with a product called MY Single Band - a simple wristband that is designed to advertise your single status.

The band is simple in design and made of rubber, with seven colors available. The words Fate, Destiny, and Future are embossed on the band with seven colors available. According to the founders Rob Young and Rina Mardahl, wearing one will allow you to broadcast to the world that you are single and ready to mingle.

Displaying your relationship status on your wrist can have benefits and drawbacks, and it will be up to the wearer to decide if they want to try out this new method of dating. As many men or women will tell you, learning of a potential partner's relationship status usually occurs after engaging in a lengthy conversation. The MY Single Band could easily remedy this issue, resulting in no more mistaken approaches. The bands would also help those who prefer to meet potential mates in locations that are not specifically designed for courting others. A bar or club seems to be the standard locations for meeting singles, however some prefer to speak to others in more general locations, like coffee shops or book stores. The MY World Band would allow these more timid folks to let others know they are looking for a potential partner, without having to step foot in a bar.

For all the benefits the bands promise, there is still the question of popularity. The bands do not feature any inscriptions that actual signify a person is single, which could confusion at first. If the bands do become popular and their existence spreads by word of mouth, then people will begin to see the bands as a sign of being single and approach those wearing them. This will take time however, and it remains to be seen if the bands will become a part of mainstream culture. Perhaps altering the text on the bands to display "Single" or a similar phrase could help in improving their adoption and use.

MY Single World could also encourage singles to adopt the wrist piece by creating bands that signify what sex the wearer is interested in. As it stands now, the bands don't offer any sort of customization aside from color; the wording on all of them is the same. There is no way to identify if someone is interested in dating the same sex, which could lead to some awkward encounters. Being able to customize the bands would go a long way to fix this oversight.

All in all, The MY World Band is an interesting product and certainly has the potential to disrupt the current state of dating. Even with its drawbacks, it seems to be a solid idea that could prove to be popular among singles. Time will tell if daters will accept and adopt this new trend.

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  1. Original creator of Single Bands is Cathie Hill in MN whom created the idea in 2007"