Stellar and Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

Many people get tired of putting out the same Halloween decorations year after year.  There’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned pumpkin or spider web, but you could go above and beyond.  There are better décor options for all of the Halloween enthusiasts and general overachievers.  Even if you would not consider yourself a Halloween and holiday decoration expert, it would probably be pretty awesome to get the neighbors talking about how much cooler your decorations were than everyone else’s.  Be the envy of the block with some ingenuity, a dash of creativity, and the ability to think outside the black and orange box.

Stellar Meets Spooky Halloween Decorations
Many masters of horror, or just plain creepy stuff, have recognized how much the unexpected can contribute to Halloween décor.  Think about cult movies and directors that use color and a bit of lunacy to make memorable films pop.  The classic spider web and talking skeleton can only go so far.  Instead of relying on decorations trick-or-treaters have seen hundreds of times before, think outside the box.  Take your decorations from cheesy to spooky with some of the following ideas:

Dress up the mummy or skeletonWhat dead bride does not miss the colorful mini dress she was going to wear on her honeymoon?  Use colorful mini dresses to get attention while adding another element of horror to your decorations. 
Is it alive? Create a dummy that looks like a real person hiding in the shadow.  Make trick-or-treaters wonder if he or she is a menacing figure in the shadows or not.  Instead of making infants sob after investing in electronic scarecrows or witches, create your own for a fraction of the cost.

Fabulous and terrifying at the same time.  Brightly colored costumes for Halloween decorations can make your front door both fabulous and frightening simultaneously.  Almost everyone has seen the pumpkins and spiders.  Embrace the spirit of Halloween by adding something new.  Add colorful and sparkly severed hands in gloves, half-bodies that only wear neon leggings, and other unexpected works of Halloween inspired art. 

Instead of settling for a few cliché decorations, embrace a holiday largely centered on creativity, candy, and fun.  Create decorations that are a representation and proud display of your own artistic ability. 

Halloween Art on Your Doorstep
One of the most memorable parts of many Halloweens is the rare ability to create costumes, accessories, and decorations out of simple items.  Rather than spending hundreds on cliché decorations to fit in with the other members of your HOA, invest in colorful and unexpected decorations that can be interpreted as tasteful Halloween art.  Blow your neighbors out of the water with unique Halloween décor.  Many adults no longer have the ability to craft a colorful costume out of a cardboard box, acrylic paint, and superglue.  Showcase your creative abilities with the entire family. 

Spectacular Sugary and Spooky
Get the whole family involved in the creation and execution of Halloween art (AKA the best decorations the neighbors have ever seen).  Spend quality time together and unleash your creativity with less conventional Halloween décor.  Be fabulous and spooky.  If nothing else, strive to be the opposite of the guy who hands out dental floss every year. 

Now on to the costume ideas! Check out these easy step-by-step instructions on how to dress as your favorite super hero this Halloween!

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