Submit Food Reviews On-the-Go with New OpenRice iPhone App

I have gazillion of food photos in my archive waiting to be posted for food reviews but as a busy working mom, I just couldn't find the time to upload them as much as I want to. BUT!!! With the new OpenRice iPhone App, I have no more reasons not to submit food reviews at OpenRice frequently because I can now do it on-the-go. And the good news is, doing it is easy breezy lemon squeezy (borrowed phrase from my daughter, haha)!

Here's the step by step guide on how to submit a food review based on my actual experience:


Download OpenRice Singapore iPhone app from the App Store (it is a FREE app for iOS mobile users). Upon successful download.., click the icon, log in with your OpenRice account and you are ready to submit your food review.


Under Quick Search, type the name of the restaurant you wish to review.


Click the specific branch you have been to.


Click the inverted pyramid below your phone and click the Write Review button. Type your review content and upload individual food photos for ratings (optional but recommended).


Click done and submit.


Wait for the confirmation that your review has been successfully submitted then click OK.

Soooooooo easy, right? You are done before you know it! And the best thing is, you can do it anywhere, anytime! I guess I will not be very bored during my train and bus rides anymore.

Great innovation OpenRice Singapore! I am lovin' the app! :D

Oh wait, there is so much more about the app! It is not solely for submitting food reviews. Click for complete information. OpenRice Singapore is all about FOOD and FUN!

Happy eating, OpenRicers!

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  1. You just mentioned my two favorite words! Food and fun!!! Wow that is one super cool app! ♥