The Life List at 35

Fly a kite
See a rainbow
Play bubbles
Run wild and free
Ride a Ferris wheel
Re-learn how to drive a car
Ride a bicycle without falling (please don't laugh!)
Initiate prayer brigade for the world
Become a licensed dentist
Give birth to a beautiful, sweet and smart girl
Marry the man of my dreams
Renew our vows on a church or beach wedding
Give birth to a handsome, sweet and smart boy
Work overseas
Travel in Switzerland
Explore Bintan Island
Ride an elephant in Thailand
Visit Cambodia
See Hong Kong Disneyland with the kids
Own a house
Train travel to Kuala Lumpur
Cross the bridge of Petronas Twin Towers
Beach vacation in Penang Island
Walk barefoot on a beach
Beach parasail
Spa Bliss Weekend in Batam Island
Ride an ATV
Join a Mangroove Tour
Staycation at Siloso Beach Resort
Send a underprivileged child to school
Blog makeover
Migrate my blog in Wordpress
Own a DLSR
Own an Olympus OM-D
Own a polaroid camera
Own an underwater camera
Learn how to swim
Learn how to dive like Ai
Visit Legoland Malasia with the kids
Learn how to bake
Visit Japan in Winter
See the Eiffel Tower
Visit London
Roll on a pile of fallen leaves during fall
Stay at The Bund Hotel in Shanghai
High Tea at Equinox
Join a food trail
Wear a trench coat and see Sydney Opera
Meet my twinzy in person
Visit Macau
See the Great Wall of China
Tea date with the hubby at TWG
Watch Disney musical with the kids
Pick fresh strawberries on a farm
Kiss in the rain
Bathe in the rain
Ride a bicycle with a basket full of pretty flowers
Travel in Canada and see the Niagara Falls
Explore San Diego with Beth and Twinzy
Regular once a month meet up with my college friends
Once a year reunion with my high school friends
Build a charitable foundation
Go an a European cruise
Watch sunset in Santorini
See Palawan Underground River
Beach holiday in Boracay
See the Chocolate Hills, play with the big eyed critter (mental block, LOL) and eat in a floating restaurat
Own and manage a flourishing family business
Own a rest house in Tagaytay
Own a vacation house in Baguio
Cook Jamie Oliver's 15-minute meals
Prepare a mason jar breakfast parfait
Make my own detox water
Prepare salad in a jar
Make a no-bake cake in a jar
Make a homemade icecream
Make homemade waffles
Lie on a flower field
Become a full time blogger with stable income
Watch Side A concert
Prepare a summer porridge in a jar
Bake like a pro
Grow my own herbal and vegetable garden
Own a house with a grotto, beautiful garden with pond/waterfalls and backyard with fruit-bearing trees
Sponsor my family (my mom, 6 siblings and their families) for a Christmas vacation in Singapore
Visit Spain and see Christ the Redeemer statue
Go for a facial once a month
Go for a relaxing spa with the hubby once a month
Grow old and grey with my man
See my children enjoy happy married lives
Take care of my grandchildren
Retire in a farm house or a beach/lake house somewhere
Own a 5-door town houses for rent
Own a duplex for rent
Go for a church mission trip


*Post inspired by Dainty Mom's life list and Photo by Cristina ( 

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