5 Most Luxurious Experiences Around the World


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Some people do seem to enjoy travelling around the world on a shoestring budget, but this is not an option that appeals to everyone. Staying in cheap hotels and surviving on a tight budget can take a good deal of fun out of the trip. Those people who work hard all year round may rightly feel that they are entitled to a bit of luxury when it comes time to go on holiday. There are plenty of great options for those individuals who wish to see the world in style including:

Most Luxurious Hotel

Emirates Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Emirates is a seven star hotel in Abu Dhabi. It is said to have cost almost £4 billion to build, and the more expensive suites have real gold furnishings. Marble is used extensively throughout the hotel, and the overall design is exquisite with large domes and majestic balconies. Emirates has its own 1.3 kilometre beach, and the hotel is surrounded by 85 hectares of landscaped gardens – there is also a marina.

Luxurious Hotel Suite

Claridge’s, London

Anyone who is interested in discovering what it is like to live like royalty, will want to spend some time in a hotel suite at Claridge’s in London. The best rooms in this prestigious venue have been created by two legitimate royal designers - Linley and Diane von Furstenberg. The suites in this hotel are available in a number of styles, but they are all elegant with no expense spared when it comes to comfort. Claridge’s Hotel is located in Mayfair, and this is one of the most prestigious areas in London.

Most Luxurious Trip around the World

Two Year Tour of All 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

An online company called veryfirstto.com is offering a two year around the world tour of all the UNESCO World Heritage sites – 962 of them in 158 countries. This once-in-a-lifetime trip costs almost £1 million, making it the most expensive holiday in the world, but those who are lucky enough to afford it can enjoy luxury all the way. This is definitely no backpacking holiday, and those who set out on this trip will enjoy first class travel, the very best accommodation, and everything else that is needed to ensure a wonderful time.

Glamping – Glamorous Camping

Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania

Visitors to Sanctuary Swala can choose to stay in luxurious canvas pavilions. This accommodation provides every kind of luxury, and guests get to enjoy the best seat in the house for the nearby watering hole where all types of creature come for refreshment. There is unlikely to be any other accommodation in the world that offers such a good mix of natural beauty and modern comfort. Guests get to experience what it is like to camp outdoors while luxuriating in their comfortable king size bed. These tents also have en-suite facilities, and a private veranda. Sanctuary Swala is located inside of Tarangire National Park, and this is the one of the largest game reserves in Tanzania.

Most Luxurious Hostel

Plus Hostel, Florence

It is usually backpackers trying to save money who choose to stay in youth hostel, but there are actually an increasing number of luxury options available as well. One of the most notable of these would be the Plus Hostel in Florence, Italy. This accommodation is located right in the heart of the city, and guests get to enjoy the type of comforts that would normally be associated with a top class hotel - such as a swimming pool, a sauna, and a gym. As well as dormitory accommodation, there are also private rooms with en suite facilities.

Above are just a few ideas for how people can ensure the best possible experience when on holiday. It is not always necessary to spend a large amount of money in order to enjoy a high level of luxury when travelling, but it certainly helps.


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