Weekend Fun at Vivo City

It's been a while since I last wrote about our weekend happenings. Our weekends are always filled with happy stories, whether we just stay and eat home-cooked food at home or we wander around the Lion City and eat in restaurants. Of course there are episodes of terrible two tantrums from the little rabbit, pre-teen age not-so-pleasant behaviour from the big rabbit and petty fights with daddy rabbit squeezed in between the happy moments but we treasure and choose to remember only the joyful ones. Life is too short to dwell on negative things.

Having said that, here's our happy-nings last weekend...

We woke up around 8am and was delighted to see the sun shining brightly. The weather seems perfect to explore the Jurong Bird Park once again so off we went to eat breakfast and prepare ourselves to go to the bird park. We left the house with the two rabbits beaming with happiness but halfway our supposedly 1-hr train journey, it rained cats and dogs.

We didn't really think about plan B but we did the second best thing: go for a food adventure instead! Haha! We alighted the train at Redhill and went back to Outram Park station and boarded the purple train to Vivo City. Since we have all the time in the world, hubby suggested to explore more of Vivo City so we went around the kid-friendly mall and chanced upon the mini-train express train ride.

By the time we boarded the mini-train, the heavy rain has stopped. Little rabbit was his usual train-loving serious self while big rabbit entertained herself throughout the ride.

Here's the video I took on Instagram:

I told you the little rabbit was so serious, right? Hehe!

After the train ride, we finally get to eat at Poulet which is right opposite Jamie's Italian. My colleagues and fellow bloggers have been raving about this place but in fact, it was the big rabbit who actually sort of discovered it. Remember when we ate at Ichiban Boshi the last time we were at Vivo City? I mentioned in my blog entry that she wanted to eat at Poulet that time but I declined.

Poulet food review coming right up!

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