Winter Days in Taiwan

The most memorable days I had in Taiwan were the winter days. It feels so good every time we get to climbed the Tiger Mountain whilst the sun and the cold breeze simultaneously kiss our dry and rosy cheeks. I love the idea of not sweating even when I'm all bundled up with scarf and thermal clothes while climbing. Reaching the top of the mountain in a cold winter day is beyond gratifying. It's exhilarating!

It is really nice to be out and about during winter but when the freezing temperature becomes unmanageable, you'll definitely find me all curled up on my bed with frozen toes warmed in heated socks. Thanks to electric comforter too that keeps me warm throughout the night. Ahhhh, those were the days and nights I spent in Taiwan! I wish we have winter here in Singapore too. Sometimes, the humidity is just unbearable and we had to rely on aircon all year round.


  1. I am thinking of buying heated wet suit, but after reading reviews ( the heater does not last) I realized it's not worth to pay almost a thousand dollars for a short use.

  2. Love the lovely lady with dimples ;)