4 Family Friendly Attractions in Florida

If you are planning on visiting Florida and you have kids it is important to find attractions that will suit the entire family well. There are four attractions within the state of Florida that promise to provide a fun and interesting trip for people of all ages.

Universal Orlando Resort
Kids love theme parks. To be perfectly honest, adults love them to. Universal Orlando is unique because it offers two parks combined into one central location, the Universal Orlando Resort and the Islands of Adventure park. If you enjoy theme park rides this might be a good stop for both you and your kids. The park is legendary and is known throughout the country, making it one of the most popular destinations for vacations. If you plan on going you may want to try to go during a time of year that is not a peak time for visitors, as the park is extremely busy.

Walt Disney World
In much the same fashion as Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World is one of the flagship theme parks in the United States. Aside from being the largest theme park in the country, it is also one of the most well known. Its reputation brings people from all over the world to experience the park for themselves. For young children it can be a dream come true to visit Walt Disney World, especially for those who are big fans of Disney movies. However, the park is extremely busy and the crowds are often such that it is difficult to navigate. If you enjoy visiting theme parks and you enjoy Disney movies, this is likely the destination for you and your family.

Kennedy Space Center
One of the most interesting places to visit is the Kennedy Space Center. This is the same location that saw so many space shuttle launches and landings and its rich and storied history makes it a perennial favorite for families to visit. Even though the space shuttle program is no longer active, the center still actively launches unmanned rockets on a routine basis. If you are lucky enough to be visiting the area while one of these launches is occurring you may be able to get tickets in order to see it firsthand. Even if there are no active rocket launches, the area is still a remarkable place to visit. It is designed with education in mind and provides a comprehensive museum complete with audio and video programs about the space program as well as a separate area containing moon rocks brought back from previous space missions.

Florida Aquarium
The Florida Aquarium is one of the best places in the state to visit. For anyone who is interested in the ocean or in marine life it is an essential stop. The aquarium focuses on providing quality educational materials for children and adults alike in order to better educate the general public about the importance of marine life. Numerous species of marine life are on display and the aquarium regularly conducts shows involving these animals. In addition, the aquarium sponsors boat cruises into the open ocean in order to see dolphins in their native habitat.

These are four great destinations to visit if you are planning a trip to Florida. There is something for everyone on this list and once you have visited one of the locations you are likely to want to visit again and again. Not only can the entire family have a great time, but many of these facilities provide important educational opportunities for children.

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