5 Props for Cute Baby Photographs

Preserving memories of important times in baby's life through photography is one of the very best ways to hold onto those special days that pass so quickly. Including meaningful and creative props in baby photography ensure that the pictures will be exceptional.

1. Use something sentimental. Consider using something of mum's or dad's from when they were a baby in the photographs. A special gown, favourite toy, or even a well-loved blanket are simple ways to bring the past into the present and add a little sentimental touch to baby's pictures. If the family is fortunate enough to have an heirloom item from past generations, include that as well. Perhaps a silver spoon from grandfather is a family treasure or maybe a handkerchief from grandmother's wedding is family keepsake? Be sure to capture a few shots with this memorabilia. Multiple generations represent in baby's photographs will become family treasures in their own right.

2. Use something personalized. An item with the infant's name or initials monogrammed onto it will make the photographs unique and memorable.Embroidered bibs, hats, or nappy covers are just a few of the examples of incorporating baby's name into the photographs. As an added bonus, whatever is used will be a special keepsake for years to come. Some families have even framed a photograph with the monogrammed item together in a shadow box for an extraordinary and beautiful display in the nursery. Remember that this prop will require a minor amount of advanced planning to allow time for the item to be personalized with baby's name or initials.

3. Use something that may hold meaning to baby in the future. Perhaps baby is too young to have a favourite stuffed animal or blanket yet, but if parents anticipate offering a certain comfort object to the baby frequently as the days go by, include that stuffed animal or blanket in the photographs. Even if the baby does not end up favouring the object in the future, a baby curled up with a soft blanket or sweet stuffed animal will still make for an adorable photograph. If baby does favour the object, it will be a special memory for parents and child alike in years to come.

4. Use something unique to the family. Baby photography should be individualized and special to each family. Consider integrating some of the things that sets a family apart. For example if daddy is in the British Army, use his jacket as a blanket to wrap baby in. If mum is an excellent cook, tie an apron around baby's waist.

5.Use something unexpected. Give thought to including something unexpected in baby photography. Maybe juxtapose indoor and outdoor elements. Add a touch of whimsy by putting baby in oversized glasses, daddy's neck tie, or holding colourful balloons.

The only limit to baby photography props is one's imagination. Experiment with adding multiple props from the suggested list.


  1. Love love that photo of baby Gian, am sure he'll be proud of that pic when he grows up. Love the props you used, and these are great tips for photo shoot.

  2. here again, Che. wonder if my comment earlier went through since was using cp and asked me to log in again :) anyway, so love that picture of baby G, am sure he'll super love this photo when he learns to appreciate looking at his old photos, and these are wonderful tips for baby photo shoots