A Mother's Prayer

Dear God,

Nothing makes me feel happy and contented than seeing my children love each other so much. You have gifted me with two beautiful young souls that make me wish I could live forever to witness how they emerge from caterpillars into butterflies.

Please let them remain in your loving embrace. Keep them away from all harm and sickness. Let the purest love in their hearts radiate from within. May they never lost the sparkle in their eyes and may they continue to be blissful and stalwart.

Please remind me constantly not to utter sharp words that will hurt and eventually leave them a scar. Please remind me to speak softly and be gentle always. Let me be the light in their life. Let me be the shoulder for them to lean on. Let me be the one to make them feel loved and secure at all times.

Grant me the heart that does not harden but continue to love no matter how they disobey and misbehave. Grant me the ears that is always ready to listen and a mouth that knows not to condemn. Please convert me into a mother I ought to be.

I ask this in Jesus name.