Anniversary Dinner at Spuds and Aprons (Mt Faber)

Hubby and I went back to the same place where we had wedding dinner on the day we finally tied the knot, on our anniversary eve last month. The place is formerly known as The Glass Bar, then it was replaced by Black Opal last year. To our surprise, it is now called Spuds and Aprons.

We wanted to have an intimate light dinner inside the glass encased restaurant with stunning views and reminisce the happiest occasion we celebrated there before. Unfortunately, it was closed for an event.

The cool breeze and the breathtaking view at the al fresco dining area set an equally romantic mood nonetheless.

If you notice, we only ordered a salad, one main and a cocktail to share. We actually had early dinner with the kids at Kenny Rogers Restaurant before we set off to celebrate our special day. Our main purpose is to spend quality time together sans the clingy babies.

This is Joy Punch from the mocktails menu. It is basically a mixture of lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine. I am a fruit punch avid fan so I really enjoyed it.

This is the Crispy White Bait Salad that he hubby ordered from the salad menu. It is white bait fried till crispy with fresh mushroom, seaweed, cucumber, toasted sesame seeds, asian salad in wasabi yuzu dressing. It is light and refreshingly good. It looks like a very small serving in the photo but it isn't.

On the foreground is my pick from the "Eat like a Horse" menu. I was so tempted to order the Crispy Pork Belly but we just had baby back ribs at Kenny Rogers. I ordered this Pan-fried Polenta Coated Salmon instead and did not regret doing so. The Norweigian salmon crusted with polenta is cooked to "pinkfection" and  best savoured with the citrus salsa and urugula salad.

We had another round of Joy Punch to wrap up our night. If you are a hopeless romantic like us, it is worth taking the cable car to Mount Faber just to dine here. The night view is spectacular, perfect for an intimate quick getaway from the kids. :D

109 Mount Faber Road
Faber Peak Singapore Level 2
Singapore 099203

Call 6377 9688 for reservations.
Food range is International and Modern Asian cuisine
For complete information, click here.

Enjoy gastronomic indulgence with your love ones!

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