6 Reasons To Send Personalized Baby Christmas Cards

Being a new parent is a very exciting time, not just for you but for your family, relatives and friends.  Sending a Christmas card with a picture of your new baby is a perfect way to share this special time. Here are six reasons to send a personalised baby Christmas cards.

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1. This is a wonderful memento to keep for your child when they are all grown-up. Keep one and put it in a scrapbook so they will be able to see how they were the bright star that shone that Christmas. They may even use them someday as a gift to their own children, you could start a whole new family tradition.

2. You will be able to bring the delight of your little one to friends and family members who live far away and may feel sad that they cannot celebrate your happiness with you. Let them know that they are an important part of your life, and you want them to be a part of your baby’s first Christmas celebration.

3.  The card will be incredibly unique and will stand out among the Santa’s, Puppies, Polar Bears and religious tableaus. The image of your bundle of joy will be an attention grabber when placed beside the normal shop bought Christmas cards. When Christmas is over and the Christmas trees are all disposed of, your baby’s card will be moved to a scrapbook or photo album to be cherished for years to come.

4. You can send a new picture every year allowing those who don’t always get to see your little one a chance to see them grow and change.

5. Slip in a quick update letter as it is a good opportunity to let everyone know what’s been going on with your life. Keep the letter short and sweet and don’t brag too much about what is great in your life! Everyone hates those missives telling how perfect life is. You could also include a note with a loving tone that shares a funny story about your baby detailing a time when things didn’t go quite as you had planned it. It will help everyone feel connected to you, and maybe even encourage an old friend to pick up the phone and share a story of their own with you. As magical as Christmas time is, it can still be a very stressful time of year. Being able to laugh with those you love over minor trials and tribulations is a great way to get through the blues.

6. It will give you a chance to update your addresses and reevaluate your relationships. It happens to all of us as our families grow and the connections to old friends can become frayed. You will have a limited amount of cards to go around, so consider each name on your list and think about whether this is someone you’d like to reconnect with, or if it might be time to let this one fade away.

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