A Day at The Beach

I was sick over the weekend but it didn't stop me from bringing my beach babies at Palawan Beach, Sentosa for a much needed dose of sand, sea and sun last Sunday. All thanks to all the beach posts on Instagram, I declared the household is going for a quick beach fix.

Big rabbit screamed out of excitement while little rabbit kept repeating "Gian play water?" on our way to SentosaUpon alighting the beach tram and having a glimpse of the fountain at the water play area, he screamed "play water, play water!" much to the amusement of the tram passengers. Not so surprised anymore when he shouted "beach!" upon seeing the beach. The little rabbit blurts out new words we didn't teach him every now and then.

Back to the beach, it's been a while since we last visited Palawan and was surprised to find the food court still closed until now. Sentosa is constantly upgrading but I am thankful that my favourite spot under the tree overlooking the beach and a tiny island with twin viewing deck was left untouched.

I brought mine (sunnies, beach hat and beach bag) and the kids' (toys) beach essentials including two separate bottles of sunscreen lotion.

I joined the little rabbit in the beach shore just for a while because I was still barking like a mad dog from my bad cough episode. Photos can be deceiving indeed.

Staying away from the kids is a great challenge to me. Good thing the little rabbit was kept occupied by the sand and the water, he stopped being clingy to me the moment we arrived in the beach. At home, even when he's busy with his toys he would ask me to sit beside him and watch what he's doing. This time around, he didn't mind the nanny looking after him while he's having some beach fun.

The sand is all over his body including his head. Check out the instavideo I took to find out why.

At some point, he remembered he has a cap on and threw it away. He finds it a hassle from having the time of his life in the beach. LOL.

I knew the wheelbarrow will be a great toy while on the beach so no matter how bulky it is, I still dumped it in the recyclable bag that we brought along.

Here's my little rabbit taking a rest and playing as big brother, looking after his big sister who happened to be a little mermaid in her past life. :D

To prevent the boy from getting sun burn, I had to bring him under the shade of the tree with me on 15 minute interval. He had a blast playing with the beach toys that I brought along including his little excavator truck. I am not so sure how much sand he tasted because he kept wiping his mouth with his sand-coated hands.

The tree I was talking about is right behind that blue sign post. Behind the tree is this water play area where I found shady spot for the kids to play without worrying too much about the harsh rays of the sun. Since there was no sand for them to play, I gave them the beach ball.

Just about 10 minutes or so, they got bored and went back to the beach shore to play with the sand and the beach wave. Big rabbit played with little rabbit for split seconds and went back to being a mermaid.

Big sister leaving him alone doesn't mean he can't have fun, right? Haha! High pitch scream, can you tell how much fun that is for him? Towards the end of the beach time, we had to resort in using umbrella because he refused leaving the sand and the sea. :D

Photo taken after showering and having another dip in the beach. Good thing I brought extra pants for him, he said "mama wet, remove" whilst pointing to his wet pants. Haha!

Parting father and son beach shot. Daddy rabbit needed to do that to get the water out of the little rabbit's mind. LOL.

Praise God for the nice weather and family beach fun! It only rained a few minutes after we boarded the taxi home. God is great, all the time!


  1. Oh precious moments! I can feel how much fan the little rabbit had! The gorgeous mermaid had the best time shown in her smile and barking you was gorgeous as ever! ♥

  2. What a fun day for all of you! (Hope you are feeling better by now.) I am just amazed at how little rabbit is growing!


  3. what a very fun post Che, hope you feel a lot better now. your description of K is so much like how I was when I was her age, I won't leave the water, I so love the waves rocking me :) haha! Hope you'll have more beach time again, it indeed is so much fun for kids, I don't know what's with sand but kids love that a lot!