Benefits of Practicing Prenatal Pilates

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There are so many benefits of prenatal Pilates that it is quite astounding. The best thing about Pilates is that it is low impact and stress free. It is widely considered as one of the best forms of exercise for women who are pregnant, because it keeps them toned and fit throughout their pregnancy and the birthing process. Pilates can help to improve your abdominal muscles and it is good for pelvic ligaments as well. There are many different exercises that can be incorporated into the program so pregnant women will be able to have fun with their exercises no matter how far along they are in their pregnancy.

Benefits in the First Trimester
If you are in your first three months of pregnancy, then you may feel exhausted due to the hormonal changes that are taking place within your body, or you may even feel nauseated. Prenatal Pilates can help in both instances. Many Pilates exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home, and some can even be done without leaving your bed. A little gentle exercise can leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Pilates exercise in the first 3 months can improve both your mental and physical condition. Most women find that the exercises keep them in shape, so they can have a good sense of well-being while they are pregnant.

Benefits in the Second Trimester
Many people say that the second trimester of pregnancy is often the easiest, due to generally higher energy levels. During this phase of pregnancy, you should try and work out as much as possible. This will build the muscles in the pelvis and abdomen, while also increasing the strength of your muscles so that you can place less strain on your back. Pilates in the second trimester will prepare you to deal with the aches that women experience during their third trimester, and they will also help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster after you have given birth.

Benefits in the Third Trimester
During the third trimester of pregnancy, women may find that they feel incredibly heavy, not to mention uncomfortable. They may experience back pain, general aches, and other problems that could leave them feeling very lethargic. Women often feel as if their balance is off during pregnancy as well. Prenatal Pilates can help improve all of these conditions. It can help to restore their lost balance by increasing their perception and spatial awareness. Through Pilates pregnant women will learn to control their bodies and muscles, so that they can have an easier time during the last stages of pregnancy. Their level of pain will be eased when they are in labor, because they will have much more control over their stomach and pelvic muscles. Certain people are less affected by the strain of pregnancy than others, so they may be able to complete more intensive exercises.

Whatever your experience level may be, Pilates is a great way to give your body the help that it needs during pregnancy.  HIP Studio offers prenatal Pilates classes and can help you on your way to an easier pregnancy and delivery.

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