Stompa Furniture For The Perfect Kid's Bedroom

Making a kid’s bedroom a practical, attractive and comfortable place is an aim for most parents and the furniture we choose is a big part of this. There are plenty of options available when it comes to this, although one of the best companies to consider has to be Stompa. They have a reputation for safe, well designed and durable furniture that will cope with the demands put on it by boisterous children and have the years of experience to back it up.

stompa bedroom furniture

A Brief History of a Big Brand

Stompa compete in a market that also includes companies such as Kool4Kids and Krib. Their history dates back to 1906 when the business was established in Norway although it was in the 1960s that the Stompa brand began to specialise in bedroom furniture for children. These days they have a collection that includes many pieces that parents can use to make a kid’s bedroom a fun and functional space.

Single and Bunk Bedsstompa bunk bed

Stompa’s reputation was founded on high quality bunk beds and they still offer these for sale. They are manufactured in solid Scandinavian pine and come with either a lacquered finish that lets the beauty of the wood show through or painted white. This is also the case for the starter and single beds they produce.

Mid and High Sleeper Beds

Children will definitely like one of the Stompa mid sleeper beds. Depending on the model selected the space underneath can be a den area for kids to play in, a storage space with cube units or have a pull out desk. Some also have an attached slide to provide a fun way for children to get out of bed. The high sleeper beds have more space beneath them and this can also have a variety of uses. Some of the features below include desks, extendable chair bed, wardrobe and storage cubes. This provides a few options for parents to find a bed set up that best suits the needs of their child.

stompa chest of drawsOther Furniture Pieces

There are a few other furniture pieces available that can be matched with a bed to create a bedroom set. These are typically produced in pine and include wardrobes, drawer chests and bedside cabinets. They have a lacquered or white painted finish so that a coordinated look can easily be created. For a more colorful touch, parents can opt for one of the cube storage units. While the unit itself is white, the doors on the front of the cubes come in a number of bright colors including pink, blue and green


Stompa have a few practical accessories that can be used in conjunction with their furniture. This includes under-bed drawers and clip on shelves to provide extra storage space. A trundle bed slides perfectly into the space below a bed and is useful for those times when extra sleeping space is required for a child’s friends.

With its reputation for producing high quality furniture, Stompa is a choice any parent should consider when looking to create the perfect bedroom for their children.

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