Christmas Office Party

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Office Christmas parties are always the most fun time to show off your new digs. Naturally, you shouldn't be too wild or crazy with your fashion. After all, you'll have to sit in an office with these people after the party is over. Dressing too provocatively can be a big Christmas party "no-no."

But, that doesn't mean you can't have some fun! There's no need to be too old fashioned or stodgy when the party comes around: you can dress to impress by focusing on fun fashion, that shows off your natural curves. If you got them, why not flaunt them? A good plus sized dress is the perfect Christmas party accessory.

However, good Christmas party doesn't begin or end with a dress. You're going to need a great set of shoes to go with your dress. Three and a half inch heels are the best way to show off your curves without coming across as too "skanky." Any higher, and it'll be a bit too hard to walk without wobbling. You can also come across as too attention starved. Make sure to pick shoes that fit well with your great plus sized dress. Remember to avoid ugly contrasts between your dress and shoes, to avoid creating style clashes.

The best way to turn heads is to look effortlessly beautiful. If you look like you're trying too hard, you'll certainly get attention, but not the kind you want. People won't be impressed by your fashionable style: they'll be embarrassed by your over-earnest efforts to get attention. Especially if you have the kind of curves that naturally grab attention. You'll come across as clueless, classless, and desperate. And there's no reason to make your office mates think of you in that way.

A good rule of thumb with dresses is to never have your hemline more than five inches above your knee. Never show more than 1/2 inch of cleavage. Try to pick a set of tights that not only matches your dress and shoes, but fits in with the holiday spirit. Don't pick tights with silly patterns on them: those are a bit too cliche. They're also chintzy. Instead, pick holiday colored tights, such as green and red, to fit in well with the holiday season.

A good set of tights is also a great way to show off your amazing curves. Your plus sized dress will cling to your curves, while your tights will accentuate the beauty of your body. Again, don't try to show off too much. If you pick tights that cling too tenaciously to your body, it can seem a bit desperate.

Last, but not least, a great holiday jacket can be essential for completing your new look. A long, stylish jacket can create an excellent style, that can accentuate your style and curves. They should match the rest of your ensemble. Once you take off your coat, you will unveil your great new look and make sure the tree isn't the only thing people take notice of!

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