Cuteness Overload at Hello Kitty Town

A huge Hello Kitty greets you when you enter the premises of the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park at the ground level. You can imagine how girls, young and young-at-heart, who adores Hello Kitty will go into some kind of kitty madness upon seeing the gigantic Hello Kitty at the Red Bow Cafe. I dare say my girl's explosion of happiness made our second trip to Nusajaya, Johor worthwhile.

We stayed at the Red Bow Cafe for a couple of minutes whilst waiting for our entrance tickets to be handed to us. Surprisingly, they did not shoo us away although we didn't order anything at all because we had heavy breakfast at home.

The big and little rabbit entertained themselves while waiting for our tickets. Can you caption the upper right photo on the collage? "Don't dare take a photo of me with Hello Kitty", is an appropriate one I suppose but he still smiled anyway. LOL.

On the contrary, the big rabbit volunteered to be photographed with her favourite Sanrio character. At her age, she is into anything Japanese from anime to Japanese songs although she confessed she has not outgrown Barbie and other young kids' stuff like doll houses among many other things.

Next to Red Bow Cafe is the Merchandise Store. It is where you can find all kinds of Hello Kitty novelties from plush toys to bags, to bathrobes, to umbrellas, to phone cases and the list could go on and on and on. It is not just a kids' Hello Kitty wonderland. Adult female Hello Kitty fanatics can also find Hello Kitty accessories that best suit their age.

In case you are wondering how I took the photos, I actually asked permission and was surprised when the saleslady told me photography is allowed. Imagine my delight. I need not buy anything for the big rabbit, my photos are enough to make her happy. She's got enough Hello Kitty collection at home. :D

There we are finally at the Hello Kitty Town entrance which is on the first floor (do take note that ground floor is different from the first floor). The big rabbit couldn't contain her excitement! Join us as we explore Hello Kitty Town...


Ahhhh, that smile says it all. My big rabbit is in her magical world.

And look who's equally overjoyed! Haha! I was actually trying to rub some excitement to the little rabbit who was so serious during the ride.


While the big rabbit is all smiles from overwhelming happiness, the little rabbit seem to be wondering why is he surrounded with so much pink and girly stuff. LOL.


Upon entering Hello Kitty's house, the little rabbit loosened up a bit and started to make friends with Kitty. Can't you see he's caressing her cheeks? Hmmmn, looks like they are going to be good friends after all. :D

While his big sister is busy capturing the Kitty madness in her phone, the little rabbit wandered by himself to find something he could relate to...

... and this is what he found, a stunning white piano decorated with Hello Kitty stuff. I told you before I have kids who are mad about anything related to music right?

The rest of the iconic Kitty's house looks like this. It is complete with living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, walk-in closet, and bathroom all adorned and furnished with Hello Kitty stuff like wardrobe cabinets, display cabinets, drawers, picture frames, mirrors and anything that floats your boat. The only thing seem to be missing is a garage and a Hello Kitty car.

Photo opp inside one of the bedrooms. The boy is restless, we couldn't let him sit still to get a nice family portrait. Nevertheless, this photo looks perfect to me although the big rabbit isn't flashing her best and sweetest smile either because we actually disturbed her from taking photos of Hello Kitty stuff from her phone. I like photo of us that tells a story. When the kids grow up, I will show them the photo and tell the story behind their facial expressions and body language. :D


We finished exploring the Kitty's house in time for the show at the Purrfect Stage. It's the first time I got to know Dear Daniel, the male counterpart of Hello Kitty. The little and big rabbit enjoyed the show but I find the strange sound created by the performers who represent different countries really annoying. Watch this:

It's really a pain in the ears, everyone hated it. It kind of destroyed the great and happy show in my opinion, I find it really unnecessary for the show. Can I request the Hello Kitty Town management to just let the girls dance gracefully and silently?


Friendship Land is an indoor playground for toddlers filled with soft balls that kids can feed in a vacuum and watch them fly around all over the place.


Moving on, I accompanied the big rabbit at Black Wonder while the hubby put the little one to sleep. We were given a Hello Kitty lamp when we accepted the challenge of saving Hello Kitty who is held captive in a castle.

The challenge is like a mini version of an Amazing Race where we have to pass through each station at Black Wonder to crack codes, find clues and find a letter that we will combine towards the end of the challenge to form the password and save Hello Kitty.

The big rabbit was very adamant in getting the correct password as she was desperate to save Hello Kitty. Thankfully, she got the password correctly on her second attempt and was given a certificate.


Here's big rabbit proudly waiving her certificate of recognition for being a heroin while Q-ing up at Wishful Studio.


At first, I thought it's some kind of a semi-serious jewel making where we get to glue and design some sparkly fake jewel stones but they actually just handed a charm and a chain for us to make our own bracelet. So boring. LOL.


At the Dress Up Studio, the big rabbit dressed as Melody and she had fun with the instant photo shoot right there and then. So cute!

Since it's already school holidays for her, I allowed the big rabbit to paint her nails red the night before we left for Malaysia. She repainted them in rainbow colours at the Nail Studio and put some fancy nail stickers on it after drying with the tiny nail polish dryer.


I have to say, the big rabbit had the most fun decorating her Hello Kitty cookie at the Wishful Studio. She really knows how to save the best for last.


Happy Carnival Street Parade is the mini Sanrio version of Disney's Flights of Fantasy minus the fancy floats. Be prepared to be enthralled by colourful and vibrant costumes and lively dance performances. Towards the end of the show, kids get to dance and shake hands with the adorable Sanrio characters. What a great way to end the Hello Kitty madness! My girl almost fainted from all the cuteness overload. LOL.

PS: In case your kids get hungry from exploring Hello Kitty Town, you can always take a quick bite at Cinnamoroll Cafe located right opposite the Friendship Land. Hello Kitty Town is also equipped with clean restrooms so you need not worry when the call of nature strikes.


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