Easy Event Planning for Holidays

Eat, Drink, and Make Merry!

Photo by Miroslav Krejcirik / Flickr

Gathering with family and friends is the best part of any holiday! That also means that the holidays are busy for everyone. If you’ll take the lead and plan your holiday event in advance, you’ll give the most valued gifts of free time and good times! Speaking of gifts, you should consider making it plain that food, fun, and fellowship are your goals and gifts would not be appropriate. This helps when mixing cultures and traditions, and with everyone’s tight budget. Here are the five steps to a swell soiree for the holidays!

  • Set the Stage: A little holiday decor gets even the most jaded filled with a bit of wonder. Advice for the modern, blended world: Let sparkle and lustre and flowers liven up your event setting and go easy on religious demonstrations for the inclusive comfort of all your guests. No one likes to feel awkward or out of place!

  • Feed the Masses: While a sit-down is lovely, it is difficult to pull off yourself and still enjoy the party. Insisting that guests conform to mealtime is a hassle for everyone. Buffets exist for a reason, have one! Or, have several! A fun trend is specialized “make your own” dessert bars, taco bars with toppings, and a return of the cheese and chocolate fondue bar. Bite-size portions are all the rage letting guests sample many flavors without gorging themselves. Cake pops, brownie bites, and mini parfaits join the standard crudites and hors d'oeuvres as finger foods with finesse.

  • Drinks All Around: Some people drink. Some don’t. Decide which you and your holiday event are before you send out the e-vites. Always have plenty of water prettied up with brightly colored floating fruit available, and many people enjoy a selection of hot teas and coffee. A signature cocktail, virgin or spiked, is always memorable, so make up a big batch of your favorite, or poll your guests in advance for creative suggestions.

  • Let’s Play a Game: Not sure your guests’ witty repartee will be enough entertainment for the evening? Keep the television off and get some fun going! A group sing around the piano, or iPhone Piano app, is classic, and karaoke's appeal grows with imbibement. There’s Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, depending on which side of The Force your set leans toward. Taking turns on a Wii or Kinect will bridge the generations in YouTube-worthy ways. Consider the little ones in attendance with crayons and coloring books and bribed early bedtimes. Plan several activities and then don’t mind if guests are having too much fun to move on!

  • Hotel Home: The holidays often give people a few days in a row for a visit, and nights, so get that guest sofa ready! Fresh sheets, plump pillows, and a cozy blanket or quilt will show you care without spending a dime or much time!

  • Don’t leave the success of your holidays to chance, or to your relatives! All the points above are why you might want to earn an events diploma in Melbourne. Cheers!

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