Featured Product: Naraya Handbags

The last two times my ex-colleague went to Bangkok, Thailand for a short getaway and shopping spree, she bought me very pretty, useful and high quality handbags from Naraya.

The first one I got is a long silk bag which you can seal tightly by pulling the two strings together. It can be used as a shoe bag but I use mine to protect my thermal lunch box. You can tell from the photo how it's been used everyday. 

The second one is this small pouch which I now use to keep my wallet, tissue paper, pen and memo pads. It helps keep my main working bag tidy. I love the pattern so much!

My lady boss just came from Bangkok for a conference recently and was surprised to get another pretty Naraya bag from her too. I guess Naraya is a really popular "souvenir" and gift shop in Bangkok.

I so love this very pretty and ultra feminine pouch. Obviously, it keeps my lipstick, mascara, blusher brush, eye shadow and blush on palette, and everything girly including that emergency feminine napkin wrapped in another small pouch.

I love my growing Naraya handbag collection courtesy of the generous people in my life. I have been seeing them a lot too while on the bus and trains. Not surprising for a carefully crafted product with great quality.

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid by Naraya to do this feature.

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  1. :) its very feminine bag. Despite looking dainty its quite sturdy..pwede pang every day bag. I went to BKK twice and both instances i never fail to drop by any of their shops. worth the buy.