Inspiring Stories amidst Difficult Times

My heart feels a little lighter now after reading the inspiring stories at Topaz Horizon. Last night, my family said a special prayer to the typhoon Yolanda victims at bedtime. I was asked by the husband to lead the prayer so I finally let go of the grief I have been nursing deep inside me. I was crying while praying hand in hand with my family.

Even without Filipino Channel to watch Philippine news, the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan aftermath is all over the internet news sites, social media and local newspapers. As much as I tried not to read too much about it because it really breaks my heart into pieces, I am automatically fed with tragic photos and updates on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed.

I can only donate, pray and spread the word. Bless the people who are actually there to give comfort and help to everyone who badly needs God's loving embrace in these trying times.

Let us continue to pray fervently for the Filipino people who were greatly affected by one of the worst typhoons in the world. God bless Philippines!

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  1. With you in fervent prayer...I've cried many times alone just thinking about the victims :)