Junior MasterChef Inspired Waffle Creation

Junior Master Chef, Australia Series 2 is currently airing on Okto at 7 to 8pm every Sunday. It has become my TV bonding time with the big rabbit. We want her to start learning how to cook and there's no better way to inspire her than to watch kids of her age come up with the most delicious and well presented food.

Before grilling her into actual cooking that involves cooking stove flame, I thought I will let her start with making waffles using the waffle maker. I bought a waffle mix at the baking shop and instructed her to add one egg, half cup of water and half cup of fresh milk to create a yummy waffle batter. 

I asked her to watch me make waffle before so this time around, I let her do everything by herself. All I did was to check the consistency of her waffle batter. I was amazed when she presented me her waffle creation. I think she was very inspired by the Junior MasterChef contenders. Ain't bad for a first timer, huh? The waffle tasted really good, you can actually eat it by itself but the icecream, hershey's chocolate syrup, stick-o and strawberry made it more heavenly.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. oh wow, that's very creative of K, manang mana sa yo Che :)