Keep Calm and Blog On

Pardon me spamming you with endless blog entries today. I am too blessed to be complaining. I was given 6 guest posts today and I have to come up with fillers in between. Good thing I was able to take morning off from work today, I managed to publish all the entries before lunchtime. I pledged all my blog earnings this November to Typhoon Yolanda victims so I have to work doubly hard. I also booked for the Soul Deelight's Shoot for a Cause and pledged using my October blog earnings. It is my pleasure to share my endless blessings. God is so great!


  1. That's so generous of you! How do you pledge? By donating all earnings? Regarding the blog giveaway, I wonder if this entry was accepted?
    And the badge I put on my site, was it considered an entry? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cym! Yes, i will be donating my entire November earnings.
      About the giveaway, I will add two more entries for you. I already accounted the badge you put in your sidebar.

  2. keep calm and blog on, indeed Che, you are so blessed because of your shared happine$$ :)