LookBook: My Little Princess


My girl wanted to be dressed as a princess when she had her 7th birthday celebration at McDonald's in 2009 but I wasn't able to find a crown that time so I gave her a lacy pink headdress instead that matches her gown.

Here's what she wore:

Headdress - can't remember where I bought it but it's around $5
Butterfly earrings - from 3 for $10 store
Pink heart necklace - from 3 for $10 store
Pink gown - from OG
Shoes (not seen in photo) - from Bata

Now, I wonder where have my sweet little princess gone? I missed those chubby cheeks, sparkling innocent eyes and sweetest smile. Nowadays, I find it hard to make her smile sweetly in front of the camera.

For the nth time, let me ask again...

Why do kids grow way too fast?


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  1. I don't know too! And why do we grow old? Love K's chubby cheeks here :) hanging out here to relieve my stress over kuya Roel :)