nydc's delectable Christmas Menu

Yay! Christmas came super early for me and the hubby this year. We were both invited to Lady Iron Chef's Christmas Party at nydc last Friday night, along with 14 more couples/partners and we got to sample nydc's Christmas menu from drinks, main and desserts.

It felt so surreal meeting Brad in person. He is the very successful and famous food and travel blogger behind ladyironchef.com. He is one of the most popular, if not the most popular food blogger in Singapore but the moment he came to our table to entertain us, I could say he's got no "air" above his head. He treated all his guests as if they were his long time friends and in the span of two hours, he did not mind hopping from one table to another just to make sure everyone is enjoying their food.

Speaking of food, here's what was served to us the moment we settled in our designated table. This is part of nydc's Christmas menu.

1) Christmas Caroler's Cheer
    Photo grabbed at nydc's Facebook Page

I failed to take a photo of this Christmas drink delight because I couldn't wait to taste it. It is a refreshing mix of strawberries, bananas, strawberry cheesecake ice cream and milk with a hint of mint. Totally loved it!

2) Elves' Salmon Logs and Elves' Mini Meat Munchies

The Elves' Salmon Logs are crepe rolls with generous slivers of smoked salmon and cream cheese filling, beautifully garnished with dill that gave a very Christmassy look. It contains two of my favourite foods, salmon and cheese. What more can I ask for?

The Elves' Mini Meat Munchies are basically meat loaves on toast topped with brandied cherries or a dollop of cranberry jam. I personally prefer the latter.

3) Gingy's Butter Rum Bath Elephanccino
    Photo grabbed at nydc's Facebook Page
With the kids in mind, hubby and I didn't touch Gingy. We're supposed to give Gingy a bubble bath like how it was shown in the photo above but we chose not to touch him. The hot butter rum Elephanccino alone is worth the hype according to the hubby. I didn't like it so much though as it was too sweet for my liking.

While waiting for the main Christmas dish to arrive, we were served with a slice of cheesecake to decorate for a mini cake decorating contest. My friends bought me the same cheesecake on my birthday complete with a birthday candle when I had a belated birthday celebration at nydc with them last month. It is a must try especially if you are a cheesecake lover like me. The cake is soooo smooth, it will literally melt in your mouth. It is guaranteed to bring you to cheesecake heaven.

This is what we came up with, a pathetic looking cheesecake Christmas tree. LOL. Haven't I told you before I was sleeping when the God of artists showered creative juice to mankind?

Finally, the main dish arrived. Knowing hubby's preference, I picked Santa's Wagyu Steak Frites for him. The hearty 230g Wagyu steak grilled to perfection and was drizzled with Trio Peppercorn Sauce is soooo juicy and tender! It was served with mesclun  salad and skin-on fries. I had to keep asking for more portion as my order came much later and I was already drooling with the sight of the juicy beef steak. I actually just swallowed my saliva while typing and looking at the photo. LOL.

By the time my Merry Merry Mixed Grill arrived, hubby was left with just one more bite. But I have to tell you it was soooo worth the long wait! The beef sirloin, lamb ribs, king prawns, and sausage served with grilled pineapple, salad, fried and savoury pepper sauce dip are all worth raving about.

To end our satisfying meal, we devoured on the Tutti Fruiti Mudpie. This creation promises sweet mouthfuls of Tutti Fruiti ice cream on a Graham cracker base, generously sprinkled with colourful gummies on top.

We were also served with mini log cakes but we were too full already so we opted to da bao it for the kids like most of the guests did. Flavours of choice are Holly Choco Log and Jolly White Choc Cheese Log. The kids loved it! And oh, how they loved the strawberry smowman and Santa Claus too! It was actually a smart idea to bring it home to them. :D

As if we weren't treated good enough, the hubby actually won 3rd prize on the raffle draw. We can't wait to come back at nydc with the kids in tow!

    With our tablemates Jac and Nikki

Thank you so much Brad (Lady Iron Chef) and nydc for generously hosting the Christmas Party. We had a great time and we enjoyed the Christmas treats immensely. Till next time! :)

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  1. Oh wow, what yummy treats Che

  2. whew!!!!! I want some cheesecake!!!!! those are too beautiful to eat twinzy!!!! whew...sigh...trying to stop the craving here and munching on oranges hehehe...love yew...

    I have to add..you look so elegantly gorgeous...:)