Our Second Trip to Nusajaya, Johor - Malaysia

In collaboration with my blog partner Travel Delight, we went to explore the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park last Saturday. We've just been to Legoland Malaysia last September school holidays but we took the opportunity to go back to Nusajaya Johor for the second time. We didn't expect to be back so soon though and coincidentally, it fell on the first day of school holiday again. It was kind of a reward to the big rabbit who received a leadership award during her school's Prize Giving Day last Friday. So proud of my baby girl.

The little rabbit was throwing a tantrum while waiting for the vehicle to arrive and pick us up but we managed to take a family souvenir photo from my phone and get him to smile.

The moment we boarded the car, he was thoroughly well behaved. The little boy obviously enjoyed the long ride, he only whined when the car stopped for inspections. And oh, he did make noise too while we were on the go but the funny kind of noise like, "hey look, a bicycle", "a tree", "a truck"! Haha! He basically identifies whatever catches his attention and nowadays he doesn't just identify bus as bus but specifies as "a yellow bus".

This time around, we were on a smaller group (11 to be exact including Travel Delight's driver and two staff) in a private vehicle and we exited at Tuas instead of Woodlands. We need not alight from the vehicle anymore every time we reach the immigration checkpoints like the last time. It was such a hassle-free, comfortable ride from our block to the theme park's entrance. We left home before 9am and reached the place around 11am. It was a very pleasant ride and the weather was lovely.

The theme park building was already adorned with Christmas decorations. The happy vibe and Christmas spirit is in the air. The first thing that caught the little rabbit's attention when we arrived was the water fountain. He said, "mama take off shirt, remove diaper". Haha! He thought he was in for some water fun. 

I distracted him by pointing to the penguin (Pingu) then off we went inside the building to collect our entrance tickets. 

The big rabbit was really excited about exploring the Hello Kitty Town. I knew there's going to be some Hello Kitty madness that is going to happen in there. 

The little rabbit on the other hand was equally excited to explore The Little Big Club but since Hello Kitty Town is on the second level and the latter is on the 3rd level, we decided to explore Hello Kitty Town first. 

After exploring Hello Kitty Town, we had lunch at Lat's Place and spent the rest of the afternoon at The Little Big Club. I will feature all the three places in three separate entries (like I promised here) so as not to drown you with too many photos. :D


  1. I want to drown in the photos now!!!hahaha

    You look so pretty here! I guess the collaboration thingy inspired you to doll up :)

    G and K's smiles make me feel so excited!!!!♡

  2. look at baby G, time flies, he is such a cute little big baby boy now, ahhhh, glad you always have fun there Che. we're both okay here, though i got Zen's cold, I guess she passed it over the internet, but am better now I believe, just little coughing left which I hope won't go down to heavy coughing :) miss you too, December na, miss the time we were together last year