Taking Time To Enjoy Perth, Australia

As the fourth largest city in Australia, and the capital of Western Australia, Perth has something to offer every one of it's visitors. With it's fabulous Mediterranean climate, warm, sandy beaches, and visually stunning skyline, the city of Perth is ready to welcome you. While the city has an excellent public transportation system available for use, to truly experience Perth, at your own pace, a rental car is recommended.

Seeing Bronze:

Perth with it's high end districts, and it's relaxed, easy going attitude is a favorite tourist destination in Australia. Highly recommended is taking a leisurely drive through the streets of the Freemantle district. Gracing the streets are numerous bronze sculptures created by local artist Greg James. These lively bronzes include Bon Scott, of ACDC fame, and of course the Mark of the Century bronze which depicts AFL great John Gerovich in 1956 catching a kicked ball. Along with the unique there are also more traditional bronze statues, such as a former prime minister, and the popular Fishermen bronze located in Fishing Boat Harbor.

A Sip Please:

Guilford and The Swan valley are easily accessible in a rented car, and this partly rural valley is a beautiful place in which to enjoy some of life's finer things. A short drive from the city of Perth, the historic town of Guillford offers vintages from the Swan Valley along with delicious, local food, in a breathtaking environment. Visitors can also visit the local shops, and spend the day touring some of the regions local vineyards.

Dolphins and Penguins:

Only a short drive in a rental car from Perth is Rockingham, home to penguins and dolphins alike. Visitors can enjoy swimming with the dolphin pods that visit the coastal waters here, or journey over to Penguin Island to see the penguins, along with over 50 other species of birds. Rockingham also offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars for visitors and residents to enjoy. 

Sunsets on the Beach: 

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One of the most popular beaches in the city, Cottesloe Beach is only a 15 minute drive from Perth's city center. Nineteen pristine, white sandy beaches comprise Cottesloe Beach, and along with it's famous Norfolk Pines, and lush terraced lawns, this is the perfect beach to watch the sun setting over the waves as you sip a glass of wine. 

1700 Plants: 

Kings Park and Botanical Gardens are a horticultural vision. One of the largest city parks in the world, visitors are amazed. A 15 minute walk from the center of the city, over 1700 uniquely native plants and wildflowers can be seen in the gardens. Enjoy one of the many cafes, or plan a picnic on one of the plush, green lawns. Visitors can also learn about the local history and cultures of Perth and it' indigenous people. 

Perth, Australia is a unique city. Full of all the luxuries and amenities associated with chic urban cities, yet still embracing a relaxed and laid back attitude. There is truly no city quite like Perth. Rent a car, and see all the the "Gateway City" to Western Australia has to offer.


  1. Oh am gee! I'd love love love to see sunset in Perth!!♡

  2. I will visit Perth someday. promise. LOL. Hope my friend Carol will send me a ticket though.

  3. hopefully I get a chance to visit Perth someday too, only that thinking of the hours of flight, I feel very tired and exhausted already.