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My love for berries and cakes has led me to discover Berries and Batter via Instagram (@berriesandbatter) and Facebook (Berries & Batter). I briefly met the young passionate lady behind this start-up business and based on our brief chat and exchange of emails, her passion in coming up with good bakes centred in berry flavours has led her to finally put her ideas into action last month.

I am so happy to have been one of the first Berries & Batter fans to have a taste of their signature Raspberry Red Velvet Cake!

I was given the 5" cake to indulge with, as if they knew I just celebrated my birthday but I still have not gotten enough from all the delectable cakes my family and friends bought especially for my big day.

Look at this filtered massive cakeporn I posted on Instagram yesterday. It made all my friends envious and drooling, their eyes automatically turned into heartshape. Ahhhh, I really love my part-time job! Who knows I'll be getting this sinful treat for free?

I finished this portion in one seating. Yes, I am never too full for a red velvet cake. Please don't give me that oh-am-gee she's got voracious appetite look. Hahaha! I actually collected the cake at around 3pm and headed straight back home just in time for a little tea party with the fambam.

Have a second look at the layers of the red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting! The cake will make you forget about your diet, the fresh raspberries gave an extra punch of fruitiness to the moist and creamy cake. It is so sinfully good, it is worth every single bit of those calories I forgot to count. LOL. The whole family loved it!

I am already thinking of ordering this Raspberry Cheesecake I saw at Berries & Batter FB page when there's an occasion that gives me a good excuse to indulge. This is a Classic New York Cheesecake topped with homemade raspberry puree. If you are not a fan of raspberry, you can opt and request for strawberry, blueberry or mixed berries puree.

Add this to my cart, haha! Strawberry Chocolate Cupcake in its finest. It is a moist chocolate cake + fresh strawberry frosting. Can anything get better than this?

For complete list of Berries & Batter berry-fic goodies (cakes, cupcakes, tarts, pastries and desserts), view Berries & Batter FB Page and follow them @berriesandbatter on Instagram.

Price Points:

Whole Cakes - 5" - $18 ; 9" - $38

Cupcakes - $20 for a box of 6

Mini Cupcakes - $25 for a box of 16

For confirmation of prices, other enquiries and orders, email

*Last two photos by Berries & Batter

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