4 Tips To Get Rid of The Dust in the House

Knowing how to get rid of dust is not only vital to the well being of the home but also aids to improve the health and general hygiene of the house. When too much dust accumulates, it can cause havoc especially to asthma and allergy patients. While it is very difficult to completely get rid of dust in the house, several steps and measures can be carried out to ensure that the dust is kept at bay.

Regular Carpet Brushing

Carpets are major contributors to the accumulation of dust in the house.The dust particles not only settles on it but it also spreads to other parts of the house from here. Keeping the carpet clean is one way of minimizing the chances of dust from spreading to other parts of the house. One easy way of ensuring the carpet remains clean is by constant vacuum cleaning. It is highly recommended that a house that contains a carpet be vacuumed daily. It's worth noting that the thicker the carpet, the higher the chances of attracting dust.

For people who have asthma and severe dust allergies, it is good to avoid using a carpet in the house. Instead, stick to the hardwood , linoleum, vinyl or tiled floors. This minimizes the chances of dust in the house.

Change Your Bedding Weekly

The bed can be another hiding ground for dust. This is because the blankets and sheets have the ability to attract dust and also provides a good harboring ground because the bed is rarely used during the day. These dust in the bedding can be very dangerous because it can be easily inhaled by a person due to the closeness of the person and the bedding.

Washing the bedding in hot water once in a week is highly recommended. The mattress cover should also be changed weekly. One should also consider rotating the position of the best at least four time in a year. This helps one detect dust that has clogged in the bedroom.

Install Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are purposely used to filter dust particles from the air. They are very effective and can come in handy for asthmatic people. Air purifier are especially useful while vacuum cleaning the house. Most vacuum cleaner stir the dust while one is cleaning the room and the air purifier absorbs the dust and ensures the air is dust free.

One major draw back about air purifiers is that you need a purifier for each room and they are costly to buy, install and maintain.

Air The House Regularly

This can be done by opening the windows for more than 15 minutes daily. This ensures tat fresh air circulates in the house and that any dust particles in the air are replaced by fresh air. Allowing fresh air to circulate makes the house less stuffy and comfortable.

When dusting the house, it is advisable to do so while the windows are open to let in fresh air. For carpets and curtains that are very dusty, it is good to do the dusting outside to avoid transferring dust to clean surfaces.

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  1. this is very true, especially for someone like me who has asthma and allergies, we removed all carpets at home actually, we practice airing the house, but we haven't changed our old purifier yet, i know we get to shop for that, so this is a timely reminder for me.