5 Tips on Creating a Cosy Atmosphere in the Bedroom

Tips on Creating a Cosy Atmosphere in the Bedroom

As winter is well and truly here, everyone is frantically dusting off their winter coats, boots, beanie hats, gloves, and scarves to brave the frostiness outside. There’s nothing better than getting home from a day outside in the cold, so a cosy bedroom is a must during the winter months. Cosy bedrooms can help us to de-stress and relax much easier, not to mention fall asleep quicker and enjoy a better quality nights kip. But just how do you do it? If your room feels cold and uninviting, follow these tips for a cosy bedroom:

Use Warm Colours

Although lighter, more pastel colours can help to make a room stand out and appear light and airy (good for small bedrooms), warmer colours make a room feel much cosier and comfortable. If you have a decent sized room and want your room to feel a little more “closed in”, warmer colours are the way to go. Not to mention they create the feeling of “being warmer” simply because they’re warm colours!

Create a “Lived In” Look

A cosy, comfortable room is all about creating a lived in look. You can do this a number of ways:

  • Leave items that mean something to you out on display, for example, old teddy bears, funny figurines, a hat you had on your best friends hen do, whatever gives you a feeling of nostalgia. Remember; it’s not about cluttering your room with junk, simply placing a few items here and there so people know you live there. Sliding wardrobes are the perfect way to hide the rest of your clothes and junk where nobody else can see!

  • Give furniture a distressed look. You can buy vinyl flooring that already has a distressed appearance, and you can purchase old, vintage furniture from flea markets and charity shops. If you don’t want to go out and find new furniture, you could always paint your old furniture and give it a distressed look yourself with a sanding block.

  • Pair Together Different Textures

    Lots of different textures that make you want to touch them give the room lots of interest. Fluffy rugs and pillows, textured wallpaper, and wooden furniture all look great and make the perfect cosy room.

    Make Your Bed Soft, Comfortable and Inviting

    Your bed should be as soft, comfortable, and inviting as possible. The second you see it you should want to jump on it! You can do this by purchasing soft, feather pillows with a feather duvet (a high tog as it’s going to be freezing in winter), and then adding extra layers of thinner blankets and contrasting pillows of different shapes and sizes.

    Make Use of Clever Lighting

    You can easily create a certain atmosphere or mood in your room, just by playing around with clever lighting tricks. A coloured bulb or lamp shade, for example red, can give your room a romantic feel, while fairy lights over your bed frame/wardrobe/window can make a room look beautiful and magical.

    Enjoy winter this year that little bit more by creating a cosy bedroom!

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