3 Simple Steps to Making a Great Photo Card

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Have you ever thrown away a Christmas card? Come on you know you have, I know I have. Sometimes the cards just look like a stack of mail pile-up throughout the house. Traditional Christmas card can seem generic with the prerequisite Santa shooting down the chimney, yelling "Merry Christmas".  You know, Christmas photo cards have been the answer to this dilemma by making a personal connection with your card.

A photo card puts a picture of your family, and event (Travel) front and center on the card. It's magic when the family member opens the card and see their loved ones faces. Their eyes light up, realizing they can share in the moment. Why is it that photo cards make for a lasting holiday card?  Well that is simple they are personalized and thoughtful.

That Christmas card is put in a place of honor, where guests can see the recipient’s loved ones in all of their Christmas happiness as they come to visit. Thus, your Christmas card is transformed from into keepsake through the holiday season. Selecting holiday photos cards can be simple just follow these three simple steps and your card will be the focus till the New Year!

Three simple steps to making a great photo card:

1. Be authentic! Share a special moment, event or family togetherness. Try not to use your holiday card to tell everyone about all the grand things your family has done in the past year, bragging about your travels or your children isn’t always in good holiday spirit. Also keep in mind that most close family and friends are already aware of your activities. Keep it simple, special and sincere.

2. Select a high quality, photos or unique cards that will stand out. If needed use a collage of photos or specialty cards website to help you find the perfect card. Do something that is creative and stands apart from other holiday cards. Think of a standard message for your card and keep it simple and general, you will have a chance to customize your letter once the card is printed. It can sometime be helpful to think of a theme, which resonates with the photo, and story you wish to share on your card.

3. Share a message that connects with the recipient. Create a list of all the households you’ll be sending cards to, ensure you have a sufficient amount of cards and then a few for errors. Also keep in mind that you may receive cards from unexpected people, so plan ahead and save and save/order a reserve for these individuals. Take a few minutes and talk about what exciting occasions you would like to share in your card.

With these simple steps you can share your perfect moment with loved ones. The Christmas season is never simple but with some planning and creativity you can make your holiday cards spectacular. Find a great selection of thoughtful, creative and fun cards on Expressionery.com. View all of their Christmas stationery and products today!

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