Unique Dining Experience at BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill

If you are looking for a unique dining experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, BlooiE's Roadhouse at West Coast is the place to be. Tucked right in the heart of Science Park II, you are guaranteed to be awed by the view of lush greenery whilst enjoying good food.

BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill is the first North American roadhouse in Singapore. It is the brainchild of Sarge Sargeant, a Canadian Harley Davidson aficionado.

I learned from his model-like wife who graciously hosted us during the OpenRice food tasting session that the name BlooiE was actually adapted from their first dog who is now in dog heaven. That's the story behind their logo.

Being the first of its kind in Singapore, BlooiE's has gained loyal customers by word of mouth. They are known for their homemade, delicious and generous-sized portion meals.

Warning: Please read further with full stomach. Don't say I never warn you, ok?


1) BlooiE's Roadhouse Quesadillas ($16.90)

The big-sized quesadillas came with 3 choices of dips, depending on what suits the taste buds of the diner. It served its purpose to whet our appetite.

2) BBQ Chicken Wings ($13.90)

I am not as crazy as my girl about chicken dishes but whenever I eat chicken, I always choose wings and other bony parts. This one did not disappoint my taste buds.


1) BlooiE's Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger ($16.90)

Oh. Am. Gee! This top seller burger doesn't just look so good in photo, it is actually good in real life. Take my word for it, it's a must try when you visit BlooiE's especially when you are a bacon, mushroom and cheese lover like me.

2) Blackened Dory ($18.90)

This dish is a healthier choice for health conscious patrons. Dip that perfectly grilled blackend dory in the garlic sauce, squeeze that piece of lemon and prepare your taste buds to be tickled. You can opt to dip the mashed potato and juicy vegetables in a separate mushroom sauce provided. I did just that and I was in mushroom heaven! I'm a mushroom lover, remember? :D

3) Pepperoni Pizza ($22.90)

Do you remember the brick wood oven baked pizza I raved about when we were at Harris Resort? This pizza could compete to that. The thin crust cracks when you bite, you could tell that it is fresh from the oven. The pepperoni and cheese are like icing to a perfect cake. Pardon my luck of better words but you get the drift.

4) NZ StripLoin Steak ($29.80)

If you are steak perfectionist, you are welcome to skip this. It lacks the juicy factor of the other steaks I have tried before.

5) BBQ Beer Butt Chicken ($38.80)

Pardon the name butt this is something to rave about. It definitely belongs to the DDMT (Die, Die Must Try) category. It is actually the highlight of BlooiE's Roadhouse. As strange as it may sound, the whole chicken is marinated overnight with a special concoction of spices and seasoning, and just before the chicken is roasted, a beer can is inserted up in the chicken butt, set upright and grilled to perfection.

And this is how it was served to us. It tasted perfect to my liking. Please note that this signature dish must be ordered 1 day in advance. You also have to inform them what time you are arriving because final preparation and grilling requires about one hour.

I love how BlooiE's is surrounded with wood works including furnitures, displays and crockery. It added plus points to the unique dining experience factor.


Molten Chocolate Cake ($6.80)

There's no better way to end the food tasting session than devouring on this chocolate cake with vanilla icecream and a slice of peach. It may not be comparable to Chilli's molten lava cake but this miniature version wasn't bad at all. They used 70% cocoa so can you actually savour the chocolate taste without the taste of too much sugar.

Needless to say we all went home with happy tummies. Can't you tell from our smiles and tongue-licking emoticon? :P

Thank you so much Fiona (the very tall lady, I told you she is like a model right?) of BlooiE's and Calvin of OpenRice for graciously hosting us. We will surely never forget our unique dining experience!

Dying to try BlooiE's signature BBQ Beer Butt Chicken and Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger?

Like BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill and visit www.blooies.com for latest promotions.

Happy eating!


Science Park II [ West Coast ] 
21 Science Park Rd #01-01, 
The Aquarius, Singapore 117628 
Tel : 6775 0446 

Other branches:

Siglap [ Upper East Coast ] 49 Jalan Tua Kong, Siglap, Singapore 457249 Tel : 6442 0030 
Rail Mall [ Bukit Timah ] 426/428 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678053 Tel : 6766 1588 
Faber Hills [ Clementi ] 100 Faber Drive, Faber Hills, Singapore 129406 Tel : 6778 3459 

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  1. i would go for blackened dory, not really for health reasons, but somehow, i always prefer fish meal :) and of course, who cold resist the molten chocolate cake?