Vegetable Dips for BBQ Parties

Are you hosting a BBQ party this weekend? Don't forget to make some yummy and healthy vegetable dips, both kids and adults will surely love it ! You can present them in any way you want, just squeeze in a little bit of creative juice from your brain and come up will brilliant ideas. Fret not of you've run out of creative juice, just click here.

Have a healthy and happy weekend!


  1. very very creative presentation of veggies, i must admit i love veggies but too lazy to go the extra smile to make anything that creative and presentable since i eat veggies as soon as i get hold of them. often, when i cook, i have not started cooking, just preparing vegetables, and i am already so full, since i eat most of the veggies raw while slicing, sometimes khai tease me he may ran out of food!

  2. Very creative presentation! I love veggies! I will check out the other ideas :)