Wanderlust Dream: Winter Holiday in Switzerland

It's exactly 6 years ago when I went to Switzerland for a short work cum holiday trip. It was already cold back then but there was no sign of snow just jet. The winter just begun, I tremendously enjoyed the breathtaking views of Swiss Alps sans the snow and the stunning beauty of typical Swiss houses with potted flowering plants.

The wanderlust in me is dreaming of a winter holiday in Switzerland. It may be a far fetched dream but who knows, the hubby and I will go there one day when the kids are already big enough to be left alone? Or maybe we bring them along and we all go for skiing in the snow. :D

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  1. Switzerland make the country one of the world's greatest destinations for winter sports. Breathtakingly stunning are these jagged peaks and home to renowned winter wonderland resorts offering a diverse range of activities for all interests and abilities: from snowshoeing and sledding to more traditional skiing and snowboarding, as well as the simple chance to rest and relax in a cosy winter chalet and enjoy the picturesque snowscapes...Fantastic share..!!