What to Wear for Family Photo Shoot

We are going for the Shoot for a Cause this Sunday and I still haven't prepared my family's outfit. Panic attack!!! Thanks to ever-reliable Mr G (Google) I found many inspirations in the internet.

Here's my top peg:

Black will symbolize our sympathy to the families of Typhoon Yolanda victims. In case you missed my post about this Shoot for a Cause, 100% of the proceeds will actually go to the victims. Red will symbolize our burning desire to live a purpose driven life and white will symbolize hope and God's purest love. That is my own interpretation bytheway. I just hope we will be able to give justice to it. :)

*Photo credit: Danielle Neil Photography


  1. you all will do great, Che, can't wait for the pics, excited to see them :)

  2. Am sure you will!! Gee excited much for your photo shoot!!!♡