5 Tips on Choosing What to Wear to a Christening

Christenings aren’t the stuffy and traditional occasions that they once were. They’re much more relaxed, but there are still plenty of things that you need to consider once you’ve received your invitation.

Generally, we’re less likely to be invited to a wedding than we are to a christening, and that unfortunately means that we’re even less likely to know what to wear!

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable, but you’re probably equally concerned that you’ll look too casual or will be wearing the wrong colours. These tips should help you to decide on an outfit that suits you, the occasion and the venue:

Cover Up

The goal is to look stylish, not sexy. Modesty will be appreciated by your hosts, and is particularly important in the church. Some churches really appreciate an effort to cover your shoulders, which means that a strapless top doesn’t always go down too well. Of course, the goal isn’t to look dowdy either.

Go for an outfit that’s stylish and modern, but leaves plenty to the imagination. AX Paris make some gorgeous knitted cardigans for the winter months, and in the summer why not buy a Vero Moda blouse or a light and flowing tunic? If you’re wearing a dress, choose something knee-length rather than something shorter.

Coordinate Your Colours

Match your colour to the season. Autumn christenings are an ideal opportunity to wear rich reds and oranges, or browns, whilst summer weddings are a chance to wear light greens, pinks and yellows. Generally, it’s not the done thing to wear black at a christening, but all other colours are fine.

Think ‘Cold’

Churches aren’t known for being particularly warm. They’re cold stone buildings, and doors are usually propped open before a christening begins. Whatever you wear, be prepared for the fact that it might be colder than you expect. Consider taking something warm that you can use to cover up, such as a fashion shawl or a cardigan that will fit in your handbag.

Plan What You’re Taking

On the topic of handbags, it’s worth considering what you want to take with you. Clutch bags make great accessories, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a larger handbag to a christening. If you’re carrying your makeup, a cardigan, your purse, your car keys and other essentials, and particularly if you’re also taking a gift for the baby, then it’s potentially worth opting for a larger bag and saving yourself some effort.

Consider the Event Length

Remember that some church ceremonies can go on for quite a long time, and that christenings are usually followed by parties. Aim to find something comfortable to wear, and pay careful attention to your shoes. Don’t go in your highest heels and later regret your decision. There are plenty of fashionable flat shoes and ballet pumps that will perfectly complement whatever you wear as your christening outfit. In winter, you might want to choose a comfortable pair of boots with a thick lining in case the hosts want photographs outside.

Whatever you wear, remember that your comfort is the biggest priority. Nothing is worse than not enjoying the day because you don’t feel happy with the way that you look. You’re there to celebrate a special occasion, so make sure that your outfit is one that you really want to wear.

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