Winter Super Foods That Are Already in your Cupboard

Believe it or not there are many super foods that can help fight off the cold or flu this winter. Consider shopping out of your kitchen, specifically your cupboard and discover the many beneficial properties that are loaded with antioxidants and other immune boosting ingredients. Add these 10 super foods to your diet this winter to help keep you healthy overall during the cold months. The best way to get the best nutrients out of the foods in your cupboard is to divide them into the four basic food groups.


Popular for its bacteria fighting properties, it was used thousands of years ago to fight off disease and illness. It's recommended to ingest two to four cloves of garlic per day as a supplement. If you're not keen with walking around with garlic breath, consider taking odorless garlic pills daily as part of your diet. Incorporate garlic into meals while cooking to benefit from daily intake.

Wheat Germ

Rich and full of vitamins E and B, this kernel made from wheat is a great immune booster. Can be used daily as a topper on salads, fruit or yogurt. It can also be used in baked goods such as breads and muffins due to its nutty flavor. Use about two tablespoons of wheat germ to oatmeal to get 50% of daily intake.


This dairy favorite is an excellent source of protein along with zinc, B vitamins and vitamins A and D. Eating half a dozen eggs every week is a good way for the proteins to be converted into fuel fighting off invaders.


Plain yogurt is known for its pro biotic properties, which is friendly bacteria that aids in keeping the stomach healthy. Add to cereal or other fruit daily to help block out viruses that can enter through the intestinal track.


Made with black or green leaves this hot beverage of choice is packed full of antioxidants to help with blood flow and circulation. Replace with your daily cup of joe as it has a smaller amount of caffeine in it.


A good source of beta carotene which converts into vitamin A is an important nutrient in immune function, fighting off illnesses particularly those with respiratory problems. Eat as a snack, in salads or incorporate into a smoothie.

Fish filled with Omega 3

Filled with many proteins and vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids aids in regulating and supporting a healthy immune system. Salmon and mackerel are considered oily fish and should be eaten at least twice a week.


Low in calories with a slight licorice taste this veggie similar to celery has high levels of vitamin C. As an immune booster, try eating it raw or cooked into a meal with ingredients like beef, chicken or salad.


This leafy popular veggie has many nutritional values including fighting cancer. Filled with vitamins C, K and Omega 3 fatty acids and sulforaphane all protect the body against free radicals. Eat raw, cooked or juice it along with carrots.


This tiny fruit can pack a mighty punch in protecting the immune system. It's filled with vitamin C and other antixoidants such as anthocyanins. Add them to your daily diet, adding to cereals, fruit salads and yogurt.

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