5 Signs your Relationship is Heading for Breakupsville

Falling in love was the easy part because you didn't do anything except 'fall.' Then came the honeymoon period where the puddle called 'love' you fell into made you love everything about your partner, even their corny jokes. But that period also ended and that's when the real work began because great relationships take hard work. It takes two to tango when it comes to maintaining a relationship. There is you and your partner, a whole other life to consider and nurture. But sometimes even the best of us can miss the signs that something is wrong. Our list of responsibilities grows and we can get busy. Free time becomes hard to find, along with 'couple' time. But this is how life goes. Things happen and it is up to us to keep our lives flowing well. Is your relationship heading for Breakupsville? Do you seeing any of these five red flags in your relationship?

1. Feeling dread when it comes to your partner

Do you feel anxious at the thought of seeing them? How about when you come home to them? Being around your partner is meant to feel good, like you have miraculously turned into superman and can do anything. This negative feeling of dread can leave you feeling flat and downright depressed when you have no reason to be depressed. Though not many relationships go through this phase, this feeling is evolved from having unresolved issues you have with your partner. Think of this feeling as an alarm bell going off to tell you it is time to communicate and address what's going wrong in your relationship.

2. Small talk becomes the norm

Your heart to heart conversations are a thing of the past and the silences are becoming more awkward than comfortable. If the weather is all you're talking about then maybe it is time to rekindle the spark.

3. Fighting over the smallest of things

Instead of sending a sweet and short text message wishing your partner a good day, you're sending a message scolding them for being lazy for not doing the laundry. You're finding reasons to fight everywhere and this becomes a huge red flag when you start yelling at each other every day.

4. Your love life changes drastically

In the beginning, you probably couldn't find a reason not to get intimate with your partner. When the thought of getting intimate starts to lose its appeal for you and you just want to stick with the chaste peck on the cheek, then something is differently wrong if it is a reoccurring issue and not a phase. If you need some spicing up in the bedroom, Naughty But Nice, has some good suggestions.

5. You keep meeting at the crossroads

You are agreeing to disagree a whole lot more and walls you never knew existed are suddenly there. If you feel a constant, 'disconnectedness' with your partner then find out why. If you're being defensive, critical a lot more than you should and disapproving of your partner, open up the communications lines and find out what's wrong. Take a moment to consider what may be causing the problem in your relationships. Most problems can be solved if both parties are committed and willing to work.

This post was written by Amanda Kelly, a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia.


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